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Roller blinds are a simple, functional and affordable option for homes and offices. They are customisable, low maintenance, durable, stylish and easy to operate. These blinds are popular throughout South Australia and the world, allowing homeowners to control light, heat and privacy, while enjoying a classic, minimalist look.

Here at Cooinda, we make our blinds onsite. This means we can give our valued customers unique designs and a 100% guarantee everything will be made to the highest quality. Contact us today for a no-obligation free measure and quote.

Choose from a Range of Fabrics and Styles

Our range of roller blinds are fully customisable. Choose from a range of colours, fabrics, styles and textures, plus whether you’d like a hand drawn or motorised option. Roller blinds offer clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic that will enhance any home interior. Alongside looking good, roller blinds bring comfort to any room, giving you excellent light, heat and privacy control.

Incredibly Affordable, Durable and Strong

Roller blinds are the most affordable window coverings on the market. But, they still offer a high end look and feel, with each blind undergoing rigorous tests to ensure durability. They are extremely easy to maintain and with the right care can last a decade or more.


Blackout Roller Blinds

Our blackout roller blinds are designed to completely block out the sun and light, making them a perfect addition to any room in your home. The secret lies in the coated fabric that ensures no light penetrates, providing you with complete darkness and privacy when needed. Additionally, these blinds contribute to temperature control, keeping your space comfortable throughout the year. And with various colours and textures to choose from, you’ll easily find the perfect match for your interior décor.

Light Filtering and Sunscreen Roller Blinds

For those who prefer a lighter touch, our light filtering roller blinds offer the perfect solution. Unlike blackout roller blinds, they lack the coating, making it easier to coordinate fabrics between the two types. Light filtering roller blinds effectively reduce glare and diffuse light, providing daytime privacy.


Motorised Roller Blinds

Experience the ultimate in convenience with our motorised blinds. With options like remote control and smart home integration, you can effortlessly adjust your blinds to create the perfect ambiance or enhance privacy. Our motorised option is available with either battery-operated or hardwired motors, ensuring a touch of sophistication while delivering enhanced comfort and seamless control in your home.


Key Features and Benefits of Roller Blinds

  • Incredibly Affordable: Custom roller blinds are the most budget-friendly window coverings available. Enjoy cost savings while adding a touch of style to your home.
  • Strong and Durable: Our roller blinds are rigorously tested to withstand daily wear and tear. Constructed with a robust aluminum core and UV-resistant fabrics, they stand the test of time.
  • Variety of Colours: Choose from a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes to complement your home decor. Roller blinds offer a clean and minimalistic look that enhances your space’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Large Range of Fabrics: Select from light-filter, sunscreen, and blackout fabrics for your roller blinds. Each fabric can be further customised with various colours and textures.
  • Control Light, Heat, and Privacy: Roller blinds help you retain heat during the winter and keep your space cool in the summer. Enjoy exceptional privacy control, keeping prying eyes out of your home.
  • Chain Operated or Motorised Options: Choose from either chain operated or motorised roller blinds to suit your specific needs.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain: Installing your roller blinds is quite simple and each blind comes with all of the components of the blind, brackets, covers and tidy. We can easily offer guidance if needed, and provide an installation service for convenience.

Free Measure and Quote for Adelaide Roller Blinds

Are you interested in roller blinds for your Adelaide home or office? Contact the Cooinda team today for free advice and a no-obligation quote.

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Roller Blinds Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you can. We offer a free, no-pressure measure and quote service for all roller blinds in Adelaide. Just get in touch with our team and we’ll arrange a time that suits you.

We have a team of professional installers who can take care of everything for you. Our full service includes design and product selection, measuring, manufacturing and final installation, ensuring a smooth and easy process. However, if you want to install the blinds yourself, you can also choose that option.

Roller blinds are one of the most affordable window coverings available, but they don’t compromise on quality or style. They are tested for durability and can last for many years with proper care and best of all, they also come in a range of colours, fabrics and designs to suit virtually any décor.

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