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If you’re looking for ways to freshen up your space, Vertical Blinds could be the solution for you. This type of blind allows you to control the light that comes into your room without sacrificing aesthetics. They are popular among customers due to their appearance and their unique way of covering windows as they are a great option for reducing glare and providing some privacy. They consist of a headrail and vertical strips of fabric called blades, operating sideways. This makes them ideal for offices and homes with larger windows and sliding doors. Moreover, since the slats are vertically positioned, they draw your eyes up which creates an illusion of a higher ceiling, thus, makes any space look bigger.

Due to flexibility and functionality, Vertical Blinds give you control by tilting the panels or drawing them back like a normal curtain. Apart from that, the blinds’ shape can also compliment any space, giving you a new dimension to a traditional-looking office room. Our Vertical Blinds are available in block-out fabrics with multiple colour options or translucent, light filtering fabrics. They are available in various slat sizes with either chains or chainless weights, and can be drawn across in two operation types: cords or wands.

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