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Plantation Shutters are a stylish option to add a touch of elegance to your interior. Furnishing your window with this product will result in a sleek and fabulous looking space. They come in a large range of versatility including styles, colours and materials. You can choose from different woods stains for a more natural look or painted ones for a smoother finish. With wide slats, they allow you to control both light and airflow into your home. In addition to that, it also has conveniently hinged doorways so you can easily access your windows. Due to their versatility, Plantation Shutters are great options to add to a modern home as they can suit any type of interior palette. Regardless of style or size, at Cooinda Curtains & Blinds, you will surely find it with us.

Crafted to the highest standards, our Plantation Shutters are sturdy and made with premium materials. The most popular is Basswood which is a type of hardwood known for its fine grain appearance and lightweight characteristics. Quality is at the core of our service, that’s why we use a product which is treated to prevent warpage, cracking and other common issues caused by Australia’s harsh climate. While we ensure the premium quality of our products and services, we guarantee to offer them at a competitive price.

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