Honeycomb (Cellular) Blinds


Honeycomb Blinds, also known as Cellular Blinds, are a modern alternative solution that can help in saving energy. They combine amazing benefits with aesthetics by controlling heat and filtering or blocking light, while looking stylish and attractive. Designed with cell-like structures, they trap air when down, capturing the cold and preventing it from entering your home. Similar to an accordion, they stack up very small, folding in on themselves and are ideal for crooked windows as their concertina nature can disguise unevenness. With its insulation feature, you can expect electricity bills to reduce in Summer and Winter.

At Cooinda, we locally manufacture our Honeycomb Blinds at our Blackwood Store. This ensures quality and the best value for your money. You may choose from a range of styles, materials, colours and fabrics that are made from anti-static, non-woven polyester. The materials we use are either light-filtering but keeps the weather out or a foil-lined block-out material that can dim a room. In addition, they also come in a variety of operations such as:

  • Standard cord lock and lift: A sleek and minimalist option that’s unobtrusive and reduces the stacking height.
  • Easy rise with a continuous cord loop: Provides a consistent crisp look for your blinds.
  • Cordless: For more contemporary and seamless blinds with no visible cords and holes, allowing you to just simply use your hands.
  • Top-down Bottom-up: Operates both up and down, giving you versatility and control

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