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If you’re thinking of ways to enhance protection and increase your sense of privacy, without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home, consider Internal Ziptraks. Operating inside side channels, Ziptraks provide a system that can eliminate all gaps, thus making them the most effective light control. Due to its maximum block-out, Ziptraks are perfect for a theatre, conference room or bedroom, and are very popular with shift workers and new parents. They can operate in a smooth glide, providing effortless control of airflow and light. Additionally, Ziptraks offer excellent insulation during the Summer and Winter.

Like our Holland Blinds, Internal Ziptraks come in a range of materials including block-out, translucent or sunscreen fabrics. Some materials offer a reflective backing that can bounce sunlight back, improving the temperature inside your home and resulting in a significant decrease in energy consumption. Aside from that, the channels used also come in varieties of airbrushed colours to match your internal hardware or walls. They can be operated either manually or motorized, and if you opt for motorisation, the internal blinds can be either hard-wired or battery-operated and rechargeable like a phone.

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